Special Island Tribute to Honor Devoted Disney Cruise Families

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Throughout the years, families have created an abundance of enchanting memories together – from cycling adventures and conquering the Castaway Cay 5K, to exploring underwater worlds through snorkeling and cherishing quality moments at the Castaway Family Beach.

To celebrate the families who have embarked on 50 or more voyages with Disney Cruise Line, a special tribute display is set to be unveiled at Disney’s Castaway Cay this autumn. This heartfelt gesture is designed to honor the spirit and dedication of our esteemed Castaway Club members. The tribute will be strategically located near the island’s charming post office, and will feature a vibrant fence adorned with the names of these devoted families. Take a look at the artist’s imaginative illustration!

Eligible Castaway Club members will be invited to choose one of the stunning icons displayed below to accompany their family’s name on this unique tribute. Here’s an exclusive first look at the delightful options available!

The Castaway Club represents Disney Cruise Line’s special way of acknowledging and appreciating guests who have repeatedly chosen to sail the seas with DCL.

Keep your eyes peeled for further updates on this exciting installation! Detailed information will be personally delivered to each qualifying family who has already achieved this remarkable milestone. Contact us today to start planning your voyage aboard the remarkable Disney Cruise Line fleet.

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