Embark on a Culinary Journey at EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival 2023

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A Global Gastronomic Adventure

The EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival, presented by CORKCICLE®, is an annual event that transforms EPCOT into a global food market. From July 27 through November 18, 2023, guests can embark on a culinary journey across six continents, sampling authentic cuisine and beverages from various countries and regions.

A Cornucopia of Cultures and Cuisines & a perfect Disney culinary event

The festival is a paradise for food aficionados, offering a cornucopia of cultures, cuisines, and innovative cooking techniques from chefs worldwide. Each marketplace presents a unique opportunity to savor mouthwatering delicacies and fine wines, craft beers, spirits, and other beverages sure to satisfy every palate.

Emile’s Fromage Montage

One of the highlights of the festival is Emile’s Fromage Montage, a cheese lover’s dream. This activity invites guests to sample a variety of cheeses served in inventive ways across select global marketplaces. Collect stamps for each of the five featured dishes, and upon completion, bring your stamped Festival Passport to Shimmering Sips Marketplace for a unique specialty item.

Global Marketplaces

The global marketplaces are the heart of the festival. Each one offers a unique menu that represents the culinary culture of a specific region or country. From the Curry-Spiced Crispy Cheese at the India marketplace to the Canadian Cheddar and Bacon Soup served with a Pretzel Roll at the Canada marketplace, there’s a dish to tantalize every taste bud.

Festival Offerings at Year-Round Locations

In addition to the global marketplaces, several year-round locations at EPCOT offer special menu items for the festival. For instance, the Connections Café & Eatery serves a Remy Liege Waffle, a cream cheese Liege waffle with cream cheese icing, graham cracker crumbs, and a Remy chocolate garnish. Meanwhile, the Refreshment Port offers a Traditional Poutine with French fries, beef gravy, cheese curds, and crumbled Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs.

Know Before You Go: EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival

Before you embark on your culinary adventure, it’s important to note that some menu items are plant-based, and special dietary requests can be accommodated. However, menu offerings are subject to change, and guests must be 21 years of age or older to purchase alcoholic beverages.

In conclusion, the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival is a culinary adventure that offers a unique opportunity to explore global cuisines in one location. Whether you’re a foodie or just love trying new things, this festival is a must-visit event on the Disney calendar.

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