Disney’s Growth Strategy: Doubling Park Investments in the Next Decade

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Disney's Growth Strategy

Disney’s growth strategy is set to take the world by storm. The Walt Disney Company has unveiled an ambitious plan to accelerate and expand its investment in the Parks, Experiences, and Products segment. Over the next 10 years, the company aims to nearly double its capital expenditures to a staggering $60 billion. This includes plans to enhance and expand both domestic and international parks as well as cruise line capacity.

At a recent investor summit held at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, top Disney executives, including CEO Bob Iger and Chairman Josh D’Amaro, discussed the company’s vision. They emphasized Disney’s track record of investing aggressively and intelligently in experiences that leverage their vast library of stories.

The Three Pillars of Disney’s Growth Strategy: Stories, Scale, and Fans


Disney’s growth strategy revolves around its unparalleled library of intellectual property. From Avatar to Zootopia, Disney Parks worldwide offer immersive storytelling experiences. These parks serve as platforms where fans can connect with their favorite Disney brands and franchises.

Recent additions like Cars Land at Disney California Adventure and Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Resort have shown significant growth. Looking ahead, Disney sees a plethora of stories yet to be explored in its theme parks. Upcoming attractions include Frozen-themed lands in various global locations and a Zootopia-themed land at Shanghai Disney Resort. D’Amaro hinted at the potential of exploring other franchises, stating, “The world of Coco is just waiting to be explored. There’s a lot of storytelling opportunity.”


Disney boasts the largest physical footprint in the global theme park travel business, with 12 parks across six sites. Their newest addition, Shanghai Disney Resort, opened its doors in 2016. The Walt Disney World Resort alone is twice the size of Manhattan!

Disney’s growth strategy also includes expanding its cruise line. Over the next two years, Disney plans to nearly double its cruise line’s worldwide capacity, introducing new markets to Disney experiences.


Disney Parks are a global phenomenon. With seven of the top ten most attended theme parks in the world, they welcome approximately 100 million guests each year. Yet, there’s still vast potential. Disney’s internal research suggests an addressable market of over 700 million Disney enthusiasts yet to experience its parks.

D’Amaro emphasized the importance of the guest relationship, stating, “Guests can spend a day with us at our Parks, a week with us on a Cruise, or the rest of their lives with us through Disney Vacation Club membership.”


Disney’s growth strategy is clear: invest in stories, expand in scale, and engage more fans. As the company gears up to turbocharge its growth, fans worldwide can anticipate more magical experiences in the years to come.

For more insights into Disney’s ventures and plans, visit the official Disney Parks blog.

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