Castaway Cay just got a bit more magical

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Disney’s private island paradise is now home to Mickey, Minnie, and the gang in their all-new, vibrant beachwear, ready to celebrate the sun, sea, and Disney Cruise Line colors! 🚢💖

🎨 Mickey’s rocking a hat with wave details and a shirt that nods to Steamboat Willie, while Minnie shines bright in a rainbow dress and stylish sunglasses. 🕶️ Daisy and Donald are beach-ready, with Daisy in a chic wrap dress and Donald prepped for snorkeling with creature-adorned floaties! 🏊

🏐 Goofy’s geared up for any beach activity, and Pluto’s showing off a fish collar that celebrates the island’s and ship’s animal friends. 🐠 And don’t miss Chip and Dale in their DIY pirate costumes, ready for island adventures! 🏴‍☠️

👀 Keep your eyes peeled for these fresh looks on your next Disney Cruise to Castaway Cay! 🛳️

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