Disney’s All-Star Music Resort

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Last month, I shared my love for the All Star Sports Resort, but I must admit that the All Star Music Resort holds a special place in my heart as well. As someone who loves music (despite often forgetting song titles and artists) and dreams of Broadway, the All Star Music Resort feels like a piece of that dream tucked away in Walt Disney World.

Resort Overview

The All Star Music Resort first broke ground in November 1992 and officially completed all its buildings by February 1995. The resort is divided into five musically themed buildings: Calypso, Jazz Inn, Rock Inn, Country Fair, and the Broadway Hotel. Each building’s decor and ambiance reflect its musical genre, creating unique environments that celebrate music in all its forms. The resort houses 1,920 rooms, each measuring 260 square feet, along with larger 520-square-foot Family Suites in the Jazz Inn and Calypso buildings, designed to accommodate up to six guests.

Room Features and Amenities

Standard rooms at the All Star Music Resort are equipped with two double beds, a table with chairs, a dresser with a TV, and a mini-fridge. Essentials such as a small safe, clock radio, and hairdryers are provided, with bed rails and portable cribs available upon request from housekeeping. The resort ensures comfort with complimentary Wi-Fi for all guests. Bathrooms include a tub and toilet, with a separate vanity area featuring a single sink and ample counter space. For guests requiring accessibility, there are rooms with larger, wheelchair-accessible showers and a king-sized bed, and all rooms feature exterior doors with either standard or preferred views.

Dining and Recreation

Upon arrival, guests check in at Melody Hall, the central hub of the resort, which also houses the Intermission Food Court offering American cuisine, Maestro’s Mickey Gift Shop, and Note’ables Arcade. The resort is known for its two uniquely shaped pools: the guitar-shaped Calypso Pool and the grand piano-shaped pool. The Calypso Pool, the main attraction, features a fun water fountain with the Three Caballeros, making it a hit among children and families. Besides the pools, guests can enjoy the resort playground and the Note’ables Arcade for additional entertainment.

Transportation and Pricing

Transportation from the All Star Music Resort to other areas of Walt Disney World is primarily provided by Disney Bus Transportation. While taxis and personal or rental cars are also options, they can be more costly. Once at the parks, guests can utilize various Disney transportation options to move between parks. Although the rooms at the All Star Resorts are smaller compared to those at moderate and deluxe resorts, they offer a budget-friendly option with rates as low as $89 per night. The Family Suites, costing about $190 per night, offer more space and include limited cooking facilities with a microwave, sink, and fridge.

The All Star Music Resort is a vibrant celebration of the arts, offering an affordable and joyously themed stay for music lovers and Disney fans alike. From its thematic accommodations to its fun recreational options, it’s a place where you can enjoy the magic of Disney while celebrating the universal language of music.

What’s your favorite part of staying at the All Star Music Resort? Share your experiences and tips!

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