Snow White Movie Night 

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Kicking off our New Year’s resolution with the first movie, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” was a magical experience. It had been years since I last watched this classic, and for one young viewer, it was a first. The children thoroughly enjoyed the screening, making delightful connections to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride at Walt Disney World, which one of them rode last May.

To enhance our movie night, we prepared themed snacks. Although we couldn’t find Ring Pops to mimic the dwarfs’ mined gems, Gushers fruit snacks proved to be a colorful and fitting alternative. The children were thrilled with the resemblance. We also indulged in caramel-dipped apples using a recipe from Kraft, and sipped on “Wishing Well Water,” humorously labeled with duct tape and a marker since it wasn’t an official party setup.

The highlight of the evening was the children’s engagement with the snacks in sync with the movie’s events—they wouldn’t eat the Gushers until the dwarfs started mining, and the apples were off-limits until the appearance of the Queen’s poison apple.

Post-movie, the kids shared amusing observations:

  1. “Did people really act this out or were they drawn?”—they were drawn.
  2. “The witch was a bad actor, even though she was drawn. She could have done a better job.”
  3. “So if Snow White was dead and buried in a glass coffin and then came back to life, is she a zombie now?”—a hilarious thought from a youngster!

We’re already excited for our next movie adventure with “Pinocchio.”

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