Dumbo Movie Night

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For our fourth installment in our Disney Animated Movies marathon, we revisited the heartfelt classic “Dumbo,” a movie we’ve enjoyed numerous times. Having celebrated a “Dumbo”-themed birthday party last year, we were well-equipped to create a magical movie night without a hitch!

To set the mood, we prepared “Jumbo Jr. Pretzels.” Soft pretzels are a beloved treat for us, reminiscent of fun times at Walt Disney World, the circus, and various sporting events, making them a perfect fit for our “Dumbo” theme. We also enjoyed circus animal crackers, a sweet nod to our previous Dumbo birthday celebration. These treats, along with other creative snack ideas, can be found in my earlier birthday party blog post or on our Pinterest page.

“Dumbo,” which premiered on Halloween in 1941, provided more than just entertainment; it opened the door to meaningful conversations. We discussed the behavior of the other elephants towards Dumbo and how his mother, Ms. Jumbo, protected him. A question from the kids about the arrival of baby animals, prompted by the stork in the film, led to a playful yet evasive explanation as C-man pointed out that Ms. Jumbo didn’t have a husband.

Additionally, the whimsical “Pink Elephants on Parade” scene sparked a curious dialogue about why Dumbo and his friend Timothy were acting unusually silly, leading to a light-hearted but important lesson on the effects of alcohol, summed up in a simple “Don’t drink, kids!”

As we continue our journey through Disney’s animated classics, “Dumbo” reminds us of the power of resilience and the importance of embracing our unique qualities. It’s these timeless messages, wrapped in the warmth of family movie nights, that make each viewing a cherished memory.

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